Turtles as aliens?

March 19th, 2012 by admin

So I just saw the news like I’m sure many of you already have…. check it out here.

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As you can see, Michael Bay is considering making the turtles into aliens… here is his quote…

“When you see this movie, kids are going to believe, one day, that these turtles actually do exist when we are done with this movie. These turtles are from an alien race and they are going to be tough, edgy, funny and completely lovable.”

What do you think? Personally… I’m pissed, they are clearly out of touch with reality and the TMNT world. *sigh*


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  1. Jae says:

    WHATTTTTT THE F(*$89*&@349a87943297!!! pardon my french…but SERIOUSLY!! Michael Bay has to ruin EVERYTHING…..We need some way to protest this.

  2. Yeah, I was shocked when I heard him say that. Immediately hit playback. WHAT???? ALIENS???? Oh, no…


  3. Kuro Ame says:

    ALIENS?? Are you serious???? This. Cannot. Happen. Just no! This movie has the potential to be all sorts of awesome but they haven’t even started filming it yet and it’s already disappointing. PLEASE tell me the writers will get some sense and not make the biggest mistake ever by changing up the turtles origin story into some crappy plot involving aliens. I am extremely pissed off. We have been waiting FOREVER for an awesome live action turtles come back like this and I refuse to have it ruined by some sh*tty, half assed, thrown together plot that changes everything that makes the turtles who they are. Maybe the wrath of all of us Ninja Turtles fans combined will stop this from going any farther and they’ll rethink the plot and not turn this into the biggest mistake in TMNT history. I hope. >:(

  4. Kat says:

    They just sucked the soul out of the Turtles by making them aliens. I’m expecting the Transformers to make a cameo in the flick just for kicks now.

  5. Feia says:

    I would have to agree. How can he soil the sanctity that is TMNT? There is no reason to change the already awesome formula for the turtles.

  6. Tmnt4eva says:

    Dude please let this be a joke I mean bay is known interviews to joke but if not I’ll honest to god I’ll see I can ignore but if they like Mikey would joke by saying “Yeah We’re Ninja Aliens from Dimension X!” JOKINGLY untill the get to the real origin so let’s all hope ths is joke if not Bay your death is by a million of TMNT fans dude because it’s not cool to fuck up a origin story

  7. deshawn says:

    He’s not doing anything that hasn’t been done before the mummy with brendon fraser turned horror classics into a trilogy of action films and the incredible hulk series with bill bixby rewrote everything besides the fact he came from radiation but besiides that his entire cast of characters,name and really overall stories were demolished for tv and people ate that up.Hell even the great christopher nolan created an original love interest rewrote everal characters and really the entire trainning story arc of bruce wayne.Bay’s the only one whose getting into trouble because the mummy and the incredible hulk didn’t have the internet and Batman’s script got leaked early and had assembled a good enough cast to block out bad press.

  8. Matt Damon says:

    Everone realizes there are different meanings to the word “alien” and it’s not exclusive to just people from outerspace? Everyone calm down because we don’t have enough information on what he’s planning. Alien race may just mean that they are alien as in different. Chill out!

  9. Turtle says:

    I’m boycotting the movie if the Turtles are from outer space.

  10. Donnie BowStaff says:

    There is a better chance of turtles mutating then there being a alien race of humanoid turtles. Now don’t get me wrong. I believe in other live forms in the galaxy but to think that they’re going to just be humanoid versions of our live forms is just plain stupid.

  11. Raph says:


  12. Jae says:

    I really wish there was a way to protest crap like this. Give us our gorram movie, not a stupid confusing version that has nothing to do with the actual ninja turtles. Someone direct me to the nearest I hate Michael Bay club please.

    • deshawn says:

      So would you have protested the 80s series if you only read the comics? people seem to forget that show wasn’t a good adaption at all even screwing up central plot elements for saturday mourning fluff.

  13. Damir says:

    “Someone direct me to the nearest I hate Michael Bay club please.” World itself is “i hate M.B.” club.

    So whats next, they are not ninjas…. they are MMA fighters
    not turtles but green humanoid lizard E.T. dudes from planet X,
    they don’t live in the sewerage but have a secret cave
    they are not teenage but 1000s of years old, so they could have traveled from nearest star.

    from awesome TMNT to immortal-alien-mmafighters-lizardET (iAML)

    Someone should kick this dude in the balls.

  14. mainey says:

    Im to angry right now, someone shoot him please!

  15. RanmaRaj says:

    Teenage MUTANT Ninja Turtles won’t be Mutants at all???????????????????/

  16. RanmaRaj says:

    Ah…. what if its a Merger of Transformers and TMNT?
    Tutle-oid Mega Nuclear Transformers……….
    They were toys
    They Mutated when they came in contact with All Spark

    Instead of Ninjutsu they learn Gun Fu + Ninjutsu

    When Optimus Prime was killed his toy Splinter took other four toys and raised them as his own son

    That sums it up?

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