Eastman says TMNT film will be “Fantastic”

November 20th, 2012 by admin

The upcoming reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, titled simply Ninja Turtles, has been a bit of a controversy since it was announced, but co-creator Kevin Eastman wants fans to know they shouldn’t worry. He’s already on the record as saying it will be a great film and he reiterated that in an interview with Examiner.com.

“This will be a great TMNT film,” said Eastman. “Much like many thirty year old concepts, the TMNT’s have been re-invented a number of times, some were stronger than others, but if you look at what Viacom/Nickelodeon has done/allowed to happen with the new TMNT animated TV series, and the new IDW comic series, each has a slightly new and refreshed take on the ‘core concept,’ the new film with be the same, a film ‘well placed’ in the TMNT lore the fans will enjoy. If we learned nothing else from one of my favorite Comic Book Based Films, ‘The Avengers,’ that there’s a lot to be said about never forgetting that core concept and core fan-base.”

He also told NBC Chicago about the script and what films the production is looking at for influence.

“From what I’ve seen of the script, it’s fantastic. Michael Bay has made some great and intense movies. We’re talking about being inspired by movies like ‘The Avengers’ for scope and roots origin and ‘The Raid: Redemption’ for fight scenes and ‘Rise for the Apes’ as far as computer-quality style.”

And where does Eastman fit into the film? Is he actually working on it?

“General creative consultant for the most part, which is cool as I get to wear a number of hats. From kicking the tires on a few plot threads with the awesome writers, Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec, here and there, to banging out cool character doodles for director Liebesman, they bring me in regularly to show off the latest landscape, and to get my thoughts, and so far, I’m 1000% on board! I know it will be an awesome film, and the start of a killer new franchise for Viacom.”

Ninja Turtles is now slated for a May 16, 2014 release date.

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17 Responses to “Eastman says TMNT film will be “Fantastic””

  1. tyron says:

    the movie better follow the fucking all of original comic shit leave no detail out of it. instead of making the teenage mutant ninja turtles that alien transformers plot bullshit the tmnt are not that. i hope they will make them look like the neca toys / the first comic book look mixed with real red eared sliders and give them back the red mask for once a with the belts that’s not belt straps with buckles use the belts that they whore in the first comic and bring in the villains that are from the comics none of the cartoon bull shit matter of fact don’t add any thing from the other media like bebop rocksteady krang pizza catch frazes like cowabunga and turtle power and news reporter version of April O Neil the multi colored head bands and the technodrome. let them use they fucking weapons for once and kill some bad guys for once i dont think michael bay and libesman was a good choice for this movie i would rather see some speacial effects from Tom Savini and directed by Quentin Tarantino give the drive in theater look to the movie but no that will never happen because they wanna make easy money by robbing are wallets with bull shit movies peter laird should of got on board to fix this shit

  2. tyron says:

    and when has michael bay and platinum dunes made a good movie from other people’s creations like friday the 13th a nightmare on elm street texas chainsaw massacre and transformers. come on like in the horror remakes they tin to throw in all the damn shit from the sequels into the film and ruin why the characters the way they are gives jason a underground tunnel and an alarm system instead of making him know the woods by heart make freddy look like a crispy navi and fuck up his glove and don’t even put any imagination in the dreams and not make him funny and scary at the same damn time like he is in the old shit and tranformers how many damn items do they need to damn find on earth and why they keep resurrecting megatron and and not even enough screen time for the actual autobots and which are useless and bumble bee never talks but he talks at the end of the first movie and to ever movie has to do with a love story and explosions and black stereotypes with the twins voiced by the guy who voice sponge bob and jazz but jazz ill pass cause his personality is like a black dude but any way why kevin eastman why did you allow this bull shit to happen i dont care about this new alien ninja turtles crap give us the damn original comic into the movie not the 1987 cartoon mixed with transformers plot and love story with teenage casey and april its time for us to have a movie about the 13 year old teenage mutant ninja turtles and master splinter defeating the shredder like in the comics and killing some purple dragon gang members the human drug and weapons dealing foot ninja the black non- mutated fly baxter stockman’s robot mousers the rat king and triceritons.

  3. tyron says:

    if they want the tmnt to gross more money than the avengers make it a almost rated r movie instead of for the kids make it for us adults add small cameo’s and Easter eggs from the other tmnt media but don’t make the movie like the other shit choose lesser known b list actors in this movie instead of a list and let donald glover voice raph let the tmnt be diverse at least. avengers didn’t have a person of color which avengers roster was lacking. and don’t make any new shit in the damn film with the idw stuff and don’t make it like the crappy nick cartoon neither just make the first issue and all the stories from vol.1 comic book into a movie trilogy or some thing damn its not hard to make.

    • Chris says:

      “avengers didn’t have a person of color which avengers roster was lacking”

      Dude Samuel Jackson aka Nick Fury was the commander of the Avengers you knob- and he wasn’t even a person of ‘color’ in the comics. Once again I’m going to ask your age because your posts are something a 5th grader would write.

      Please stop spam posting as any TMNT fans are going to come in here, read your comments and leave.

  4. Eastman, Liebesman, and Bay need to learn that they need to be their own movie stop trying to be Raid, Rise Of The Planet Of Apes, Avengers and Batman Begins if they keep trying to do these things they get nothing but a mess of a film so stop comparing do something new with the tent

  5. Bagpipes5K says:

    I know how you feel…I despise what’s been done to the Turtles movies. I’ll never understand why they didn’t just make two different movie series: one for kids and another for the older fans. Ditto for the comics…why can’t there be a kid version and a gritty adult one like Dawn of the Ninja? I like the IDW book so far but it’s not quite “there”. I’m not asking for a horror-movie bloodbath, just something with grit and intensity like the old days.

    • tyron says:

      Im not talking horror movie im talking something like that ninja assassin movie meets kill bill meet star wars and scar face remake with drive in theater look show some blood let the tmnt use there weapons for once and stay real close to the story like watchmen etc. whats the point in splinter giving them weapons and there not using them or in battle they drop there weapons. you see movies like x men movies wolverine uses his claws to kill people in 1989 batman movie batman drops joker off a big ass old church and you see his dead body. go darker than the old 90′s movie go realistic like the chris nolan movies like make shredder a refugee ninja turned arms dealer and drug lord recruiting criminals into his New York branch foot clan not a alien disguised as a u.s. army coronel and named Scrader who’s bent on world domination and is a minion to a poorly developed krang with only two lines in the damn movie. and instead of saying splinter mimicked yoshi’s martial art just say the mutation caused his brain to grow and made him to remember and know it when telling the origin instead of making him yoshi or saying yoshi had sons which they all died and they are reincarnated into the turtles and splinter that’s just stupid. and if they want aliens put the utroms and triceritons in one of the sequels.

  6. tyron says:

    im not saying do all the stories from the comics just do the important ones like the first apperance of the tmnt purple dragon gang baxter and his mousers april and the foot also the police chase scene and kidnapping of splinter after issue two the raph one shot with casey jones and leo one shot where leo get his ass beat by the foot and the tmnt retreat and not the don and mike one shots the tmnt in space issues with fugitoid and return to new york and finally the city at war issues with the rat king leather head and karai also make her the long lost daughter of yoshi and shen but make her and saki think that she’s the child of orroku nagi that would make a good movie. like have the first movie about the tmnt origin kicking purple dragon ass and avenging the death of splinters master and wife by killing the shredder the second sequel about april and casey meeting the tmnt the third movie tmnt find splinter and turtles in space and finding the truth about there origin forth movie tmnt get there asses handed to them by the foot and tmnt return to new york and the final movie city at war karai and the foot vs. the mob vs. purple dragons vs. rat king vs. the tmnt and leather head just five god damn movies with good fight scenes character development and good reimaginings of the comic tales and also spin off’s for the gobbledy gook book usagi yojimbo casey jones and fugitoid is that so hard to make no it isn’t.

  7. tyron says:

    if you can’t put that on the big screen why not straight to dvd like marvel and dc comics dose with there stories from graphic novels turned to feature animated films but in live action form man Hollywood is stupid you give them the ideas for a movie to deserve our money they don’t listen even in a time where they are running out of ideas for movies and have to remake or reboot every god damn movie make it purfect the first damn time so you wont have to remake a damn movie that’s why the tmnt movies went down hill cause all the stuff from the cartoon mixed with the comic the first movie was good for its time but it would be better if peter laird and kevin eastman made a serious live action movie with new world pictures of there comic and got jim henson for that also did the toy and cartoon deal with playmates at the same time back then instead of just going for the toy and cartoon deal.

  8. Turtle says:

    I’m still planning on boycotting the movie if they make them from outer space.

  9. Robert says:

    The Raid: Redemption fight scenes? Sold.


    why you gotta be so negative and type your comments in long run on sentences there is a thing called punctuation learn it bro and bro ima let you finish but I like you bro cause you a turtle fan like me but you gotta chill with the curse words bro cause sometimes there be kids wantin to look up ninja turtles without havin to see some crazy dude cursin up a storm about how he thinks the new ninja turtle movie oughta be also why u gotta bash the new ninja turtles series it pretty good bro it has alot of refernces to the comics and its funny and a good reboot to the first ninja turtle cartoon bro and like I said bro juct chill out and learn how to write in complete sentences so I can understand you better anyways good luck bro

    • tyron says:

      yeah sorry i got too carried away i just only want to see some body go back and do some thing with the original comic tmnt instead of using the 80′s tmnt cartoon cause its just getting to stail for me to see that version over and over again i wanna see an adult version not no kids stuff leave the kids stuff for the new crappy animated cartoon do something no body would expect not that alien crap mixed with transformers plot but let me stop my self before i get carried away again.

    • tyron says:

      yeah sorry i got too carried away i just only want to see some body go back and do some thing with the original comic tmnt instead of using the 80′s cartoon cause its just getting to stail for me to see that version over and over again i wanna see an adult version not no kids stuff leave the kids stuff for the new crappy animated cartoon do something no body would expect not that alien crap mixed with transformers stuff but let me stop my self before i get carried away again.

  10. tyron says:

    what the fuck they are filming the movie in april why is this even happening.

  11. tyron says:

    i wonder when the next chapter will come out.

  12. ET says:

    So Meagon Fox got cast as April…..i can live with that. My only request in regard to the movie is that it holds true to the title and we get “Ninja Turtles.” I’d really appreciate the shinobi aspect of their lives getting the spotlight instead of them clowning around. The original fanbase has matured so the content can be a bit dark, deep, and just more realistc this time around. Raph actually stabbing, Leo taking of heads and arms, etc. Even with an R rating, if this is done right it will see transformers numbers. Not a bloodbath, but ninjas behaving like ninjas. i want to feel some emotion as i watch it. More than i felt when Splinter got backhanded by Shredder in the first film. If they are fighting 50+ members of the foot, it should appear they are fighting for their lives, because they are!! There’s supposed to be blood on their weapons, bodies on the floor, and even some war wounds on our heroes. Use this oppurtunity to tell the story the way it is supposed to be told. Not mimicked gimmicks, but a true work of art. If anyone onboard with the film reads this, find a way to contact me because i have a gut feeling they are going to give us generic overchoreograpged fight scenes.

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